Solve FSHD Announces Appointment of Executive Director Dr. Eva Chin and Venture-Philanthropic Funding Structure

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Following SOLVE FSHD’s recent acclaimed launch, the organization is pleased to formally announce the appointment of Dr. Eva Chin as the Executive Director. SOLVE FSHD's Founder, Chip Wilson, has personally committed USD100 million to find a cure for facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD), a rare disease he was diagnosed with at the age of 32. As the inaugural Executive Director for SOLVE FSHD, Dr. Chin will be responsible for aligning the organization’s goals with the expertise of researchers, scientists and companies to promote and fund the discovery and development of new therapies for FSHD.

“Dr. Chin’s experience and specialization in rare neuromuscular diseases add immense value to our organization. We are excited to gain her expertise and guidance to achieve the organization's goal of finding a cure for FSHD by December 2027," says Chip Wilson, SOLVE FSHD Founder. He added, "Within just a few weeks after the organization's launch, SOLVE FSHD received a tremendous response to the call for qualified grant applications and new therapeutic technologies, which will be reviewed under Dr. Chin's leadership. In addition, she has worked tirelessly to build strong industry alliances for SOLVE FSHD, closely assessed the exciting projects to fund and facilitated collaborative funding opportunities across the academic and industry sectors in FSHD research and drug development.”