We are catalyzing the pace of innovation to accelerate a cure for FSHD

Our purpose is to SOLVE FSHD2 while further benefiting FSHD1. We will do this by removing barriers and accelerating drug development for FSHD.

Our Plan

Our Approach

SOLVE FSHD is a venture philanthropic organization founded on the generous commitment of $100M USD from the Wilson family. We are part of a larger global FSHD community that has brought us to a place and time where cures for FSHD are possible. As a mission-driven organization, our unique approach is to be a catalyst, making strategic investments through partners in leading academic, biotech and biopharmaceutical organizations. 

We will work with our partners and advisors in the life sciences community to develop a pipeline of new therapies and a cure by 2027. Once we have a SOLVE for FSHD we will continue to support the ongoing needs of this global community.

Funded to Date

We’re focused on funding research and clinical trials, partnering with academics and biotech companies. We fund bottlenecks and we fund what otherwise would not get funded after a rigorous assessment.

Funds Committed: $100 Million

What is FSHD?

Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD) is a type of muscular dystrophy in which there is progressive muscle degeneration and muscle weakness that lead to an inability to lift objects, groom oneself and walk.

Information on the causes, diagnostic tests and underlying biology of FSHD can be found on the MyFSHD website.

Further information on FSHD support for those diagnosed with FSHD can be found on the FSHD Canada and FSHD Society websites.